Rapes in India can be easily prevented !

I have been ‘thinking’ about causes of rapes in india.




1. Rapists think they can get away with crime.Police  needs to do its job properly. If we monitor thana properly by video surveillance and better audit , things will definately improve.

2.Lack of Infrastructure. Rapes in Bihar mostly happen when women go out to defecate.

3.Lack of Technology : I believe google glass & other wearable technology will reduce crime more than 80% to 90 %.

4. Chowmeins: LOL! I have been reading about libido enhancing/reducing foods.

So diet has some role to play. Ayurvedic Gurus will agree with me. I would strong suggest to mix cilantro in delhi water supply !



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2 responses to “Rapes in India can be easily prevented !

  1. R2B2

    I came across your blog after seeing your comment on greatbong.net. I have to say STUPID ARTICLE! I do hope this is meant to mock the “solutions” that people come up with. If it isn’t I am frightened for India’s future.

    To elaborate why your comments are absurd:

    1. The infrastructure required for installing CCTV cameras through the entire country is cost prohibitive, even assuming that the entire country is electrified and that they do not get stolen. Besides, the police is insensitive and corrupt, and even if it wasn’t, there aren’t enough policemen for the population.
    2. Where are the statistics to support this statement? And what about rapes outside Bihar or in urban areas? The socio-economic complexities are much deeper than lack of toilets.
    3. Google glass, when released will be beyond the budget of the common man. A person who can’t afford an indoor toilet is not going to buy google glass. Also, the chances of misuse and privacy invasion far outweigh any “safety” solutions that it may present. It is more likely that it will be used to circulate dirty/pornographic videos by repressed idiots and rapists.
    4. Seriously? I mean, why don’t you just have every one chemically castrated instead? Libido is normal biology, denying it is not going to help. You will be violating a fundamental right. Education and respect for women needs to be inculcated at a fundamental level along with basic sexual education to children. There is considerable evidence showing a correlation between sexual frustration and sexual offences: see the statistics for Victorian society and sexual crimes, a society that repressed sexuality to ridiculous levels compared to post World war statistics in the UK.

    • 1. I am talking about monitoring Thana by CCTV .
      2. I like finding short cuts and deterrents. In gujarat crime is managed by just banning alcohol.
      3.Think of google glass when it becomes a low cost commodity after 2-3 years of its launch in india.
      4. Nothing wrong if things can be manipulated by simple harmless stuff. Read behaviour economics and biology hacks.

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